Day Tours
Experience history with a guided tour of the Taj Mahal & Agra Fort. Visit the Mother Teresa Charity Home and interact with the children
Visit Qutab Minar, Humayun's Tomb & Old Delhi
Food Tour Delhi - Bazaar Walk, Visit a local home in Delhi for an interactive cooking session
A mix Culture, Shopping & Food Tasting Tour
A walk through history & the bylanes of Old Delhi.
Multi Day Tours
Charm of Agra and the heritage of Jaipur
Guided tour of Taj Mahal & Agra Fort
In this overnight trip you visit the main highlights of Jaipur.
Explore the colours of Rajasthan

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FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tour from India Trip Genie cost?

The prices of different tours are mentioned on the website. We can also include or exclude certain destinations as per your requirement. To give you an idea, a day tour would cost around 10000 Rs for 4 people.

Can i make last minute bookings?

Surely you can book last minute, we are prompt with our responses. However, do understand last minute itinerary changes could affect the other tours. So an additional charge would be applicable.

Is it possible to just hire a car and a driver for sightseeing?

Absolutely! We can provide you with just transportation services. Just send us a request telling us your requirement and we shall work it out for you.

Do i need a visa for India?

Yes, you need valid visas to enter India. You need to apply for visas in your country. There is no “visa on arrival” system in India” Please visit this link for the more information:

How hot are the summer months?

The summer months in India are March- June with a temperature of 35- 40 C. June to mid August, you can experience the monsoon season, with a medium to high level of humidity. Light cotton clothes are the best during the summer months

How cold are the winter months?

The winter months in India are October- January with a temperature ranging from 15-  6 C. Do carry warm clothings, as winter sometimes in unpredictible in India.

What if we have to cancel our tour due to bad pollution/weather etc.?

If the pollution or bad weather is a deal breaker for you on the day of your tour, we will help you with the cancellation or will  try to find an alternative or rearrange your trip to accommodate a switch up in your itinerary.

What’s the deal with travel insurance or if something goes wrong?

You need to arrange your own travel insurance prior to arrival. we do not provide this service. Pick up a travel insurance that covers both medical emergencies and cancellation of your trip, and make sure to carry your insurance documents with you at all times.

We outsource a few of the services to third party suppliers therefore we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur during your trip. However if for whatever reason you are unhappy with a service offered by either us or our suppliers, we’ll do our utmost to sort it out super fast so you can go back to having a great time.

How much should I be tipping?

Tipping can vary country to country and it is ofcourse a personal preference. In general a tip of around rs 750- Rs1000 per day for your Tour Guide and the same again for your Driver or Rs 500 atleast would be appreciated. At India Trip Genie we do not expect a tip. We would be happy, if you had a happy trip, your positive feedback is reward enough.

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